New Zealand Journeys Apps for iPad lay the country before you with amazing photography found in the New Zealand Stock Library.


Pictures from the air and the ground combined with a practical journey guide to show you the places that make New Zealand special.


The two Apps, North Island and South Island, are arranged as journeys in a comprehensive way to take you around both Islands and help you get a feel for the geography, history, and culture of the country.


Both Apps are interactive ebooks that feature around 500 pages each of photography and information.


Google maps point the way and the Apps have many interactive features including:

  • Scrolling text.
  • Sliding text and pictures.
  • Links to external websites.
  • Hyperlinked indexes to take you to more than 500 places within the journeys. 
New Zealand Journeys Apps are a must-have if you plan to tour around New Zealand.
They take you to all the well-known tourist routes, but more especially to ‘Heartland’ New Zealand so you can explore parts of the country that you might otherwise have never discovered, with the added thrill of seeing them from the air as well.

They cost NZ$5.28 or US$3.99 each.



New Zealand Journeys App, North Island

Download North Island iPad App


New Zealand Journeys App, North Island

Download the South Island iPad App


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